Our Mission

Youth throughout Jamaica – like many young people all over the world – face daunting challenges. Their neighborhoods are often fraught with violence, drugs, and other negative influences. Summer brings a break from school, and with it, a break from structured activity for many. Undeserved communities often lack resources for after-school or summer programs and opportunities for summer employment are virtually nonexistent. The children of Jamaica, therefore, have few options to turn to for positive activity over the summer.

Jumpball seeks to provide an opportunity for youth to participate in a fun, structured program and to capitalize on the growing popularity of basketball on the island by using the sport to teach and reinforce positive and valuable life skills while also coaching basketball and athletic fundamentals. This motivation gave rise to the program’s mission:

To provide the children of Jamaica the opportunity to learn self esteem, teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the fundamentals of basketball.